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Author Topic: Informazioni per Aarhus  (Read 9247 times)
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« on: 05-02-2009, 15:11:50 »

Informazioni utili per chi andra' a fare l'Erasmus ad Aarhus.
Allego documento con ulteriori informazioni.



With this mail we wish to draw your attention to our application deadline for the coming Autumn semester, our online application form and application procedure. We have also included a fact sheet which we think that you and your students will find helpful.


Application form:

It is important to note that students must use this online process when applying for exchange studies at the Aarhus University. The form also includes the applications for housing and the Denmark Today/Destination Denmark language course. Paper based application forms are no longer accepted. Please be aware that students have to upload their Transcript of Records and attach it to the online application form. If this is not possible for your students, please inform us very soon.


The online process is outlined as follows:


1.       Sign-up for an account on our Self Service website (

2.       Log in and create a new application

3.       Fill out the application – You can find in depth information about the application on the web (

4.       During the application process, the student is able to save, exit and re-enter the application at any time.

5.       The student will be asked to upload a transcript of records in .pdf format.

6.       As part of the application, the student will be required to fill in the contact information for their coordinator at their home university. This information will be used to send an e-mail to the coordinator requesting confirmation that the student has been nominated by the home university.

7.       Once the application is complete and the coordinator has confirmed the nomination, the student can then submit the application.

8.       The student can follow the status of his/her application on the self service website.

9.       Once the student has been accepted, the International Secretariat will send them a Welcome Package containing important information and further instructions.


The application process is also outlined on our website, Kindly send the link to your nominated students. If you, or your students, have any further questions regarding the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at or +45 8942 2320.


Deadlines and academic year:


Application deadlines:                                                    May 1st for Autumn 2009

                                                                                       November 1st for Spring 2010                                                                   


Autumn semester incl. exams:                                       September 1st 2009 – January 31st 2010

Spring semester incl. exams:                                         February 1st 2010 – June 30th 2010                             


Danish language courses:                                              August 5th – August 25th 2009

                                                                                       January 6th – January 26th 2010


All students applying before the deadline are guaranteed accommodation. Students must fill out the Accommodation section included in the online application form and be aware of the terms and conditions for accommodation. For further details please see


EILC course Destination Denmark:

Destination Denmark is funded by the European Commission under the programme Erasmus Intensive Language Course (EILC) and is a pre-semester programme designed especially for Erasmus students. It aims to help students to make the best of their semester abroad by providing them with intensive language instruction and an introduction to Danish culture and history. Students should apply through their home institution. More information


Denmark Today:

Denmark Today is a pre semester language and cultural programme, which allows students to meet other international students, get a firm linguistic and cultural footing, and handle the practical aspects of their stay without yet having to deal with the start of a new semester. The Denmark Today course is free of charge for exchange students. More information


Other relevant web pages:


All academic and practical information:


General about the university:


The history of the university:


Information about residence permit:


Living in Aarhus:


The official tourist site of Aarhus:


We are looking forward to receiving your students Aarhus University. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

* AU info sheet08-09.doc (73 KB - scaricati 189 volte.)
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« Reply #1 on: 20-02-2009, 16:59:04 »

Notavo una cosa:

Deadlines: May 1st for Autumn 2009

Considerati i tempi del nostro concorso, ciò vuol dire che non si potrà andare al primo semestre da quest'anno? O si può chiedere (come tanti han fatto) un po' di flessibilità (non ricordo se ho avuto anch'io qualche problema, mi pare che la deadline fosse molto più tardi l'anno scorso, quando ho fatto domanda per Aarhus).
Franco Barbanera
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« Reply #2 on: 22-02-2009, 17:56:23 »

Se per qualcuno degli studenti catanesi ci fosse
qualche problema oggettivo,
e' probabile che mostreranno un po' di flessibilita'.

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