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Author Topic: LAb results for March 4 2013  (Read 3967 times)
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Dear students,
nobody did all of it "right". There were few good solutions.
And there were a lot "VERY SIMILAR" solutions... but missing here and there a paranthesis, a line or so.
So, please... if you wish to help your friends either provide them the complete and correct solution, or just do not help them at all.
I hope I made myself clear enough. Cheating is not a good behaviour.   nono

H01 : C+
H02 : C
H03 : B+
H04 : F
H07 : B
H08 : F
H09 : F
H10 : F
H11 : F
H12 : F
H14 : C
H15 : B+

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