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Author Topic: Per chi andra' alla LINNEAUS UNIVERSITY (Vaxio, Sweden)  (Read 2641 times)
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Dear student,


Greetings from Linnaeus University!


You have been nominated by your home university to study as an exchange student at the Faculty of Technology at Linnaeus University, and we are happy to invite you to submit an application for admission! Please read all the information below carefully before starting.



This information is related to your nomination and the type of agreement your home university has with Linnaeus University. You will need the nomination data during the application process. If you have any doubts regarding the information please contact us before continuing with the application.

Nomination Number: J6790-153
Faculty at Linnaeus University: Faculty of technology
Nominated for studies at Level: Undergraduate Level (First Cycle)
Special conditions: Required to take all credits at Faculty of Technology (according to instructions below).




General Information about Courses

Please note that admission to Linnaeus University is dependent on admission to courses. You must therefore apply for your courses when submitting your application. Please read the information below and the section about courses in the Application Guide carefully before filling out the Course Application Form (which must be uploaded with your supporting documents in the online application).


Specific Information for undergraduate students nominated to Faculty of Technology

    Students coming under agreements with Faculty of Technology may only choose courses from the course lists below and are not permitted to take courses from other Schools/Faculties, unless other information/exception is stated in the agreement. Beginners¹ Swedish is though open for all students according to the rules below.
    Full time studies for one semester is 30 credits (ECTS) and students are required to take all credits at Lnu, regardless if the courses will be recognized at home university within the study programme or not.
    Students must fulfill the specific prerequisites for each course they apply for.  For undergraduate level courses, please be extra careful when choosing courses starting with the number 2 in the course code (for example 2DV505) since they usually have higher prerequisites than other undergraduate courses and many require 60-90 credits of previous studies in the subject in question.
    Students are admitted to courses on a first come, first served basis, based on their application date. The possibilities to switch courses after the application is processed are limited and there is no add/drop period after arrival to Linnaeus University.
    Each semester consists of four consecutive periods (not parallel). Most, but not all, courses at the Faculty of Technology are 7,5 credit part-time (50%) and in those cases it is necessary  to study two courses simultaneously during period 1-2 (first half of the semester), and then another two courses during period 3-4 (second half of semester). There are also a few full time (100%) courses which gives a full study load for the period(s) the course lasts, and a few part-time 25 % courses which needs to be combined with other courses to reach a full study load in total for each period.

Course lists:

Please make sure to always access the course lists via the links below as they might be updated during the application process: 

Faculty of Technology Campus Kalmar

Faculty of Technology Campus Växjö

Please note that the links includes both undergraduate and graduate studies and that you need to make sure you choose courses from the correct level according to your nomination data above.

Swedish Language Courses for Exchange students: Introductory Swedish Language Courses for Exchange students. (See rules below)

The course lists are valid with reservation for printing errors and cancelations/changes that might occur during the application period.


The following rules apply for Swedish Language Courses for students at Faculty of Technology: 

30 credits of Faculty of Technology courses + Beginners’ Swedish 7,5 credits (37,5 credits total) OR

30 credits of Faculty of Technology courses + Introductory Swedish for International Students (noncredit) OR

22,5 credits of Faculty of Technology courses + Beginners’ Swedish 7,5 credits for 30 credits total.



HOW TO APPLY (Deadline October 15)


Open the Application Guide by clicking here. Please use the guide for step-by step instructions. The guide describes the application process divided into three parts: 1) Preparation, 2) Choose Courses and 3) Online Application.


You will also need to submit the following documents with your application:

    Scanned copy of official transcript of records Must be in pdf format. Unofficial transcripts may only be accepted if certified (signed and stamped) by representative at home university before they are uploaded.
    Certificate of English proficiency (waived for native English speakers).  Download form here.  This is a self-evaluation, but must be signed by a professional language instructor. Must be in pdf format.
    Scanned copy of passport (For EU citizens an identity card with nationality is sufficient). Must be in pdf format
    Course Application  Form Download form here.  Must be filled out, then printed and scanned in pdf format. Please note that it is extremely important to read the section about choosing courses in the Application Guide before selecting courses.
    For second/master level students a scanned copy or certified proof of bachelor degree or equivalent. This should preferably be a scanned copy of your official diploma. If you do not yet have your diploma, you must submit a signed certificate or other certified proof from your home university. Document must be uploaded in pdf format.
    Portfolio (for design students only) Must be sent to AND copy (cc) to The portfolio should be sent by e-mail only (not to be uploaded with other application documents in online application). In the message, please include your name, date of birth and which design courses you are applying for.

Start preparing your supporting documents early as some documents or signatures can take time to get. You must upload all supporting documents when submitting your application.


Please note that the application deadline is October 15 and that it may not be postponed. If you have any problems or questions during the application process, please contact us at Linnaeus University (not the contact information on


In order to apply as an exchange student it is important to follow the exact application instructions in this e-mail and the application guide. If the course application is not made exactly according to these instructions, it will be treated as an independent freemover/fee paying application and you will not have exchange student status during the studies at Lnu. Also note that Exchange students do not need to pay the application fee. If you submit an independent (non-exchange) application and pay the application fee, it is non-refundable.





Campus Kalmar:

Housing assistance is offered for students coming to Faculty of Technology provided that online application is completed before October 15. Eligible students will receive accommodation service automatically and do not need to apply separately for that. Rooms and apartments are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Students that are offered housing through Linnaeus University are required to pay three months' rent if exchange placement is cancelled later that four weeks prior to arrival.


Campus Växjö:

NO housing assistance available for Erasmus+/Nordplus students. We strongly recommend all incoming Erasmus students and students from the Nordic countries applying for campus Växjö to start looking for housing as soon as possible. To start collecting queuing points in the public housing queue, you have to register with the two major housing companies in Växjö, VäxjöBostäder and Vidingehem. They have a joint website where they are both represented: There are a few other housing companies with student housing: Stubor:,, Campushem:, and Stenlyckebo: www.stenlyckebo.nuInformation and advice on how to apply for housing and contact details to more housing companies can be found at



You may find useful and practical information for your stay in Kalmar or Växjö at our website . If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via this e-mail address ( You will receive an e-mail with additional information from us when your notification of selection result is ready to download in the end of November.


The academic term dates for Spring semester 2017:
16 January 2017­ - June 2017. Mandatory Orientation for new students is arranged a couple of days before the start of the semester (dates to be confirmed).


We look forward to receiving your application!


Best regards,


International Office

Linnaeus University



Linnaeus University

International Office/Office of Student Affairs

SE - 35195 Växjö


+ 46 (0)772-288000 Telephone

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