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Author Topic: Calendario seminari.  (Read 1062 times)
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Ecco il calendario dei seminari che avranno inizio oggi 22 gennaio.

22 gennaio    

S. Greco   
Derényi I,  Palla G, Vicsek T. Clique percolation in random networks Phys. Rev. Lett.  94,  2005.

G. Micale   
Eberle W, Holder L. Anomaly detection in data represented as graphs. Intell. Data Anal. 2007.
25 gennaio    

F. Roberto   
Faloutsos M, Faloutsos P, Faloutsos C. On power-law relationships of the Internet topology.  ACM SIGCOMM  1999.

R. Distefano   
Agichtein E, Gravano L.  Snowball: extracting relations from large plain-text collections. ACM Conference on Digital Libraries 2000.    25 gennaio    

C. Greco   
Saul ZM, Filkov, V., Devanbu, P., and Bird, C. 2007. Recommending random walks. ACM SIGSOFT 2007.
Robillard MP.  Automatic generation of suggestions for program investigation. ACM SIGSOFT 2007.   

27 gennaio   

A. Giumarra
Yu H, Yang J, Han J. Classifying large data sets using SVMs with hierarchical clusters. In Proceedings of the  ACM SIGKDD 2003.

D. Calafiore   
Appel AP,  Chakrabarti D,  Faloutsos C,  Kumar R,  Leskovec J,  Tomkins A. ShatterPlots: Fast Tools for Mining Large Graphs. SDM 2009   

G. Cilia   
Ankerst M, Breunig M, Kriegel H, Sander J. OPTICS: ordering points to identify the clustering structure. ACM SIGMOD 1999.
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